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Offerings of Mark F. Kalita, Author of "I Reiki Heal"
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Reiki Healing

Either in person or from a distant, discover how a personal Reiki treatment from Mark can provide you with many benefits

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Card Reading

Either Tarot, Angel or Past Life cards used by Mark will give you insight into your current life or questions you might have

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Angel Record

Discover your journey through this Realm through your Karmic incarnations as Mark gathers your Angel Record

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Based upon the knowledge Mark has acquired and written about in his many books, Mark offers classes on a variety of subjects

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Basics of Reiki

Understand the basics of Reiki, the Universal Life Energy, through the book “I Reiki Heal”. Learn how Reiki practitioners worldwide use it for healing of themselves, others and the world.

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In the book, “I Reiki Heal”, you will learn how to become a greater channel for the Reiki energy by meditating and through understanding the flow of light through your body.

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As you learn about the Universal Life Energy that flows around and within us all in “I Reiki Heal”, you will learn to use Reiki to heal yourself, others and the world around you.

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As you continue on your journey of healing, you may want to become a Reiki healer. You will have to learn more about Reiki than what’s covered in the book, “I Reiki Heal”.

Discover the life changing principles found in the book "I Reiki Heal"

Reserve time with Mark Kalita for a Reiki healing, card reading or to discover more about your journey through this realm.

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